Folly Bridge Records of Oxford

Sound Recording Services

For expert acoustic recording with top-notch equipment, please get in touch with Folly Bridge Records by emailing us.

We provide the recording equipment and expertise; you provide the venue - and the music!

The resultant edits can be supplied to you as DAT, CD-R, or electronic downloads - whatever fits the bill - and we can provide advice and contacts for getting the music put onto commercial CDs. We can do digital edits of your material in consultation with yourselves, to fit your requirements; whether a demo for a record company, for radio or other broadcasting, or to put to disc - just ask.

We do not normally handle the manufacture of CDs ourselves.

My special skill is in recording of early and acoustic instruments - lutes, crumhorns, harpsichords as well as guitars and violins - but have also done much vocal and choral, and amplified music too. I was a Director and partner in the Early Music record company, Dervorguilla Ltd, from 1991 - 1998.

Let's take it from the top....

It's the microphones where the sound is captured, and they remain the most important ingredient and element of the recording process. The choice of equipment operated by Follybridge is informed by eighteen years of practical recording experience:

AKG 414B-ULS - stereo pair

The international studio standby for over twenty years - other models come and go, but this classic is eternal. Many of the professional recordings we did in the old days, came through just this stereo pair of microphones, and they sound as good as ever they did!

Marshal MXL1006

The robust and rather military-looking MXL1006 gives an astonishingly pure and uncoloured sound - has proven ideal for most vocals we have tried it on, occasionally run through a valve pre-amp.

CAD 2400 - stereo pair

This pair can be teamed with the electronically-identical T.Bone400 also in the armoury, and has proven excellent for vocals, but also for acoustic instruments in an unanticipated way - to quote one of our clients:

"I was in a very expensive London studio last week - and they did not get anything like as good a sound from my bass as you did with that microphone!"

We can also provide a few fine stringed instruments - guitars and lutes, anyway - if you are not confident that yours are up to the job of recording - get in touch about this.